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Eucalyptus Saligane Timber

Family: Myrtaceae

Also known as: Blue gum, Blue Sydney gum, Saligna.

Characteristics: The sap wood is pale yellow, fairly well defined from the light pink or rose brown heartwood is usually straight grained or interlocked, texture is rather coarse. It is not very durable.

Working Qualities: An easy wood to work with. Its is a bit fibrous and care needed when cross cutting. It nails, screw and glues and stains easily.

Uses: Building, Construction, Poles, Cladding, Flooring, Panelling, Formwork, Furniture, Boxes, Crates, Scaffolding.

Rhodesian Teak Timber

Also known as: Gusi, Igusi, Ikusi, Mkusi, Mukushi, Mukusi, Redwood, Rhodesian Redwood, Umgusi, Umgusu, Umguzi, Umguzu, Umkuswi, Umpapa, Zambesi Redwood, Zambesian Redwood

Characteristics: The heartwood is a dark reddish brown and often has irregular dark brown to black lines or flecks. The sapwood is a pale pink which darkens. The Grain is straight or slightly interlocked with clear growth rings. The texture is fine and even, giving a smooth durable hard surface.

Working Qualities: Difficult to work with as it has a blunting effect on blades. Preboring should be done when nailing and screwing. Good finishes are generally obtained, timber planes well is easy to turn and polishes well with good varnishing properties.

Uses: Boat building, Decking, Cabinetmaking, Carvings, Flooring, Furniture, Flooring, Parquet Flooring, Construction, Panelling, Plywood, Posts, Railroad Ties, Sleepers, Tool Handles.

Kiaat Timber

Family: Leguminosae

Also known as: Ambila, Bloodwood, Brown African Padauk, Girassonde, Imbilo, Kajaat, Kajat, Kajatenhout, Kejaat, Kiatt, Maninga, Mavamaropa, Mbila, Mlombwa, Mninga, Moroto, Mtumbati, Mukurambira, Mukwa, Mulambi, Mulombe, Mulombwa, Munhaneca, Muninga, Mutete, Mututi, Muzwamaloa, N'dombe, Rhodesian walnut, Sealing wax tree, Thondo, Thondu, Thordo, Transvaal Kajatenhout, Umbila, Umvagaz, Umvangazi.

Distribution: Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Characteristics: The decrotive heartwood tends to vary from a light golden brown to a dark reddish or purplish brown in colour with some irregular reddish streaks. The grain is straight to interlocked and the texture is medium.

Working Qualities: Easy to saw and work with moderate blunting properties but gives a good finish. It has a light or mild aroma while being worked with. Glues well but needs to be prebored if screwed or nailed.

Uses: Decking, Panelling, Joinery, Turnery, Furniture, Tool Handles, Boat Building, Beehives, Boxes, Crates, Cabinet Making, Construction, Musical Instruments, Flooring, Veneers.

Rosewood Timber

Family: Leguminosae

Also known as: Bastermopane, False mopane, Machibi, Mchibi, Mehibi, Mtjibi, Muchiva, Mucibe, Mushibi, Musibi, Mussibi, Mussive, Muxibe, Muzaule, Muzauli, Muzauri, Muzzibi, Rhodesian copalwood, Umtshibi, African rosewood.

Distribution: Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Namibia, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

Characteristics: The sapwood is white to yellow in colour and narrow, the heartwood is red streaked and variegated with dark purple, very hard and rich pink when freshly cut, turning mahogany reddish brown with oxidization and maturity.

Working Qualities: Easy to work with, very durable and stable. Has no specific fragrance and gives a beautiful finish as well as very good results with polishing and varnishing.

Uses: Canoe and Boat Building, Furniture, Cabinetry, Sleepers, Factory Flooring, Cabinet Making, Heavy Construction, Joinery, Turnery, Decorative Veneer, Heavy Construction, Decking and Flooring, Railroad ties, Vehicle Parts, Boxes and Crates.

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